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A subject of perennial debate among our audience, I recommend couples merge bank accounts after marriage. If desired, you can then have separate accounts and/or credit cards that you use for small discretionary purchases or gifts for your partner.

There are many arguments for keeping your accounts separate, but the fact is that once you are married, all of your assets are joined in the eyes of the law. (There are uncommon exceptions, such as those excluded by a prenup.) But basically, “what’s yours is mine” is the law after marriage.

Although there are some nuances in the law from state to state, if you were to get divorced tomorrow, everything you own would be split 50/50. The cash, the investments, the credit card balance, the house, the car, the dog.

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How to Merge Finances Couse

When you decide to get married it is important to merge your finances. You should not do this until you are actually married, since there are laws protecting you when you are married. Before you get married you should keep your finances separate.