Monthly Average
Your traditional plan
What it is

Does your energy bill rise and fall with the seasons?

We know that receiving a consistent bill each month makes budgeting a lot easier. The Averaged Monthly Payment service makes each bill about the same amount all year, at no additional charge.

How it works

With Averaged Monthly Payment, we take into account your energy costs, historical usage and seasonal changes in energy use. We calculate your average costs and then spread that cost over the entire year.

The 12th month is when everything gets settled up, and you may end up with either a credit or a charge. If you're trending substantially up or down from the average, we may adjust your monthly payment during the year to prevent a surprise in the 12th month.

How to buy
To enroll in Averaged Monthly Payment, choose from the following options:
  • Sign up online at My Account
  • Call our 24-hour Customer Contact Center at 1-800-555-4999
  • Fax your completed application to 1-800-555-2895
  • Click here