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Our nation is predicated on the natural rights of man. These are the rights of men under natural laws. In 1632, these natural rights were defined at the beginning of our nation. it was declared the rights are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. In order to have a society, the magistrate should not punish sin but only violations of natural rights and public peace. This is our nation's creed. This site is dedicated to following this creed. Live free of die!

Exploring Our Nation

Points of Interest

Did you know that our nation is home to the largest collection of 8-track cassettes in the continent on which it lies? Me neither... Anyway, we're pretty special, because of reasons. If you walk,drive, or fly around our grand country long enough, you'll see all sorts of amazing things.

Parks & Recreation

Our country is home to some of the most beautiful mountains/desert/beaches/volcanoes/islands/forests in the world. With an indeterminate number of square miles reserved for the enjoyment of the public and our visitors from around the globe, our nation may or may not lead the way in this regard.

Our History

A long time ago, or maybe just a couple decades back, our nation was born. Most likely, we ended a colonial or monarchic system and replaced it with a constitutional republic. Regardless, at some point in the past, we were not a nation, and now we are...good on us!

Our Government

Our government is based upon some set of principles of political philosophy. It may be formed by us; it may be answerable to us to some degree; it might even be sort of kind functional. We still probably hate it, except for some small portion we've decided are "our guys." Them we love.

Our National Food

Our national food is neither spicy, nor bland; neither sweet, nor sour; and neither hot, nor cold. It's perfectly nothing, and everything. Delicious!

Our Events

Be aware of our Nation Events Calendar and enjoy the best of the Digital Nation