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Coffee may harm cardiovascular health for young adults with mild hypertension

Young adults with mild cases of high blood pressure may want to steer clear of coffee, as new research suggests drinking the beverage could increase the risk of cardiovascular events such as heart attacks in this population.

The research is being presented at the European Society of Cardiology (ESC) Congress by study author Dr. Lucio Mos, a cardiologist at Hospital of San Daniele del Friuli in Udine, Italy.

"There is controversy surrounding the long-term cardiovascular and metabolic effects of coffee consumption in patients with hypertension," Dr. Mos reports. "Our study was designed to evaluate whether coffee drinking had an effect on the risk of cardiovascular events, and if the association was mediated by effects on blood pressure and glucose metabolism."

Such is coffee's popularity around the world, there is a wide variety of research that has been conducted on the effects of its consumption. Recently, Medical News Today has reported on studies that have suggested coffee could improve survival in colon cancer patients and reduce the risk of erectile dysfunction.

However, the majority of studies of coffee that MNT has looked at in recent months have linked coffee consumption with positive health outcomes. The new study differs in this respect.

The researchers investigated the coffee consumption habits of 1,201 non-diabetic patients aged 18-45 years participating in the prospective HARVEST2 study. Each participant had stage 1 hypertension (systolic blood pressure of 140-159 mm/Hg and/or diastolic blood pressure of 90-99 mm/Hg) but were not receiving treatment for it.

Coffee consumption was defined by the amount of cups of caffeine-containing coffee participants drank every day. Non-drinkers reported no cups a day, moderate drinkers consumed between one and three cups daily and heavy coffee drinkers consumed four or more per day.

Among the participants of the study, 26.3% did not drink coffee, 62.7% were moderate coffee drinkers and 10% were heavy coffee drinkers.


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