Warning signs of stroke

How well do you know the warning signs of a stroke?

How well do you know the warning signs of a stroke? Lorena Rivera is a nurse, and she thought she knew them pretty well – until a series of mini strokes uncovered the fact she’d already had two strokes. Now she’s working to help spread awareness.

As a nurse, Lorena Rivera is used to treating stroke patients.

Being one never entered her mind, even though, as it turned out, she’d already had two strokes.

Her condition went undiagnosed because the possibility of a stroke never entered the mind of the doctors she worked alongside, either.

When her arm was numb, doctors said she probably slept wrong. Headaches and other symptoms – even when she lost her vision while at a bank – were labeled as effects of migraines.

“I was talking to the teller and the next thing I knew is, I could not see on my left side. It was totally black,” she said. “I only had vision on my right eye. That was alarming. I called the doctor and he said it was probably related to migraine again.”


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