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Cardiac Care at Digital Hospital focuses on the functions and disorders of the heart and its connected circulatory system. According to the American Heart Association, 84 million people in the U.S. suffer from some form of cardiovascular disease, affecting blood flow throughout the body. Cardiovascular disease can lead to heart attacks, strokes or other serious complications.

Our heart care services include preventive care, diagnostic testing and treatment of heart conditions. Click here to learn about the diagnostic services offered at DIgital Hospital, which provide your physician with accurate and timely information so that a thorough diagnosis can be made of your health condition.

We offer individualized treatment for complex heart conditions and diseases from emergency care for a heart attack, to heart disease detection and management, to cardiac rehabilitation.

Why Choose Us

Because heart disease is the leading cause of death in the U.S., Digital Hospital has dedicated its resources to creating a complete cardiac care program for our patients.

You'll find complete care under one roof at Digital Hospital, since our heart care specialists diagnose, treat and manage heart disease all in-house. The wide range of care includes a full line of testing and individualized treatment programs for your family's heart conditions.

Patient Stories

Bob had his first heart attack at age 29. In the years that followed, he suffered a stroke and a second heart attack. At age 52—after spending the past two and a half years bedridden—Bob was rushed to Digital Hospital in January, when his lungs filled up with fluid.

It was the beginning of a second chance at life.

"Luckily in January, we were able to meet Dr. Osorio and Dr. Collins, and they said I would need an LVAD," Bob says.

An LVAD, or left ventricular assist device, is a mechanical pump that is surgically placed inside the heart to keep blood flowing from the heart to the body, supplying blood to the vital organs, said Dr. Osorio, MD, Medical Director of the Adult Cardiac Surgical Transplant Program at Digital Hospital.

Dr. Osorio surgically implanted two LVADs in Bob's heart. When the first device implanted in February became occluded with a blood clot, he replaced it with a new LVAD in April.

"He gave me my life back," says Bob. "The whole Digital Hospital staff is unbelievable. I can't thank them enough. The whole staff has been like family. The doctors have been so close, making sure you're OK, putting their trips on hold for you, calling you and checking on you. It's just amazing. All these years, in and out of hospitals, it's been nothing like this."

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