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Digital Hospital provides state-of-the-art, high-quality diagnostic imaging services and patient-centered care. It is our goal to act as an imaging resource that serves as an extension of area medical practices.  We are focused on making patients comfortable throughout all testing procedures. We understand special needs that may be required with the elderly, claustrophobic and overweight.


Why Choose Us

Each of our imaging centers utilizes the newest, most advanced technology in diagnostic imaging. The images are 100% digitally captured; this allows referring physicians and interpreting radiologists the ability to view images online, from any computer. Voice recognition software allows reports to be generated instantaneously. Radiologists’ interpretations are automatically transmitted to patients’ referring physicians. Our radiologists are board certified and fellowship trained from top universities in the US. Their expertise guarantees that our reports are comprehensive and accurate.

Patient Stories

Becky Smith -


"It's great to have Digital Hospital so close to my doctor's office. If my doctor says I need a test, I can just go right over to Digital Hospital and get it done – the same day. My daughter takes me to my appointments, so it's a lot more convenient to not have to travel somewhere else or make a separate trip. I've been to Digital Hospital for mammograms, chest X-rays, a chest CT scan, and a knee MRI. I never have to sit around in the waiting room – they take me back right away."

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