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Insurance Coverage

Figuring out your insurance coverage can be difficult. Our customer service representatives and financial counselors are here to help you navigate and understand your coverage.

Find a Location

Find an ER, Hospitals and Care Center near you. Call 911 id it is an emergency.

Support Group

Find help from your community here. There's strength in finding someone who can share your story

Find a Doctor

Find Doctors and Physicians at our Hospital focus on you

Financial Assistance

As part of Digital Hospital’s mission to provide comprehensive, coordinated health care to our patients, we offer several financial assistance programs to help patients with their health care costs.


The main parking garage at Rush is on the southeast corner of Paulina and Harrison streets. It is a large enclosed garage that has a covered walkway that connects to the Tower, Atrium, Professional Building and Orthopedic Building.

Watson Q and A

The IBM Watson Healthcare Question and Answer service provides the power of the IBM Watson cognitive computing system to your healthcare needs. Ask Watson any question about your health.

Patient FAQ

Questions about health, diet and hospital services? The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section of Digital Hospital answers some of the most commonly asked question staff receives. Please check this section for answers

Nurse Navigator

Guidance, reassurance, answers. Our Nurse Navigator can provide you with the resources to empower you in making your own healthcare decisions. To speak confidentially with our Nurse Navigator, phone 800.444.2229.


When you're admitted to Digital Hospital...

Your doctor or the office staff will arrange for you to be admitted as either an elective admission (scheduled some time in the future) or a direct admission (immediate). The admitting procedure is slightly different for each of these.


Prior to Your Admission Date:

Someone from our Admitting department will call you to obtain demographic and insurance information. If you have no insurance, some type of payment arrangements must be made in advance.

We will tell you what time to come to the Hospital, or tell you who will call with that information.


On the Day of Admission

You should enter through the 5 Mile Road entrance of the Hospital, where the Admitting department is located. The 5  Mile entrance is open from 5 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily. At any other time, patients must enter through Emergency.


When you come to Admitting, you must sign an admission consent form, and we will ask if you have a Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care. We will place an identification band around your wrist and give you a Patient Handbook and TV guide. We will escort you to your room or to the department performing your test or surgery.