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Hail Protection Tips for Car & Home

Hail stones can range in size from the diameter of a penny to the size of a soccer ball and can shatter windows and damage a car beyond repair.

Be alert
If a hail-producing storm is likely, stay tuned to a local news outlet or radio station that carries National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) weather broadcasts. You can also find active weather alerts on NOAA's website.

Cover what you can
Stow exposed patio furniture in a garage, shed or on a covered porch, and move vehicles into a garage, carport or other covered structure. If you're on the road, look for a parking garage or even a gas station with an awning so you can pull over to protect your vehicle during the storm.
Even small hail can cause significant damage to young and tender plants, so move potted plants to a covered area. To protect a vegetable garden, place buckets, boxes or empty trash cans upside down over plants and weigh them down with bricks or other heavy items. You can protect fragile shrubbery by leaning pieces of cardboard or wood together to create a teepee, covered with a tarp anchored with bricks. Don't forget to remove the coverings after the storm passes, to prevent plants from overheating.


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