Integration of IBM Watson Content Hub in IBM Digital Experience

Use this page to test the integration of IBM Watson Content Hub in IBM Digital Experience

Switch this page to Edit Mode and then select "Add page components and applications" toolbox. Ensure you have selected Page Components and select the Content Hub category and select any of the asset types to insert it in this page. You can hoover over it to change the presentation, or use different presentation components. The Image, File and Video are provided out of the box, and we added a few configured component with rich text, images, and videos in contents.

In the sibling page of "WCH Script Application" , you can try an example of how to use configurable Script Applications to select and display WCH content. In Edit Mode you can configure it and in Read Mode you will see the results. You can edit the Script Application itself to see its code.

Once you have completed testing, please delete your added page component.