Car Loans

Your car loan made easy. 

Wynde Bank will work with you to help refinance an existing loan, secure a new loan and lock the rate, or buyout your lease for your currently leased car.

You can apply online now to learn more about your car loan options, terms, and the most up to date competitive rates available.  

It only takes a couple of minutes to fill out the form.  

There is no obligation and you may qualify for immediate approval with a 30 day rate lock and ability to write a check to the dealer tomorrow.

Apply online today. 



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Car Loan Refinancing

Auto refinance loans can be a relatively quick and easy way to save cash if we can offer you a lower interest rate. If you think you accepted a loan with subpar terms, or if your financial state has improved since you first financed your car, you may want to consider refinancing.

New and Used Car Loans

Discover flexible car financing options for new or used cars, and specialty vehicles. Also, explore our car lease buyout options. If your buyout price is less than the value of the car, then you have equity. A buyout could make good financial sense.